Culture Wise Studies, Inc is dedicated to promoting character and family values through the media by influencing entertainment industry decision makers, artists and craftspeople to produce more family-friendly, uplifting, inspiring entertainment and to equip the public, especially parents, grandparents and teachers, to improve the character development of future generations (including children, teenagers and young adults) through uplifting, inspiring entertainment. According to media consumption statistics from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the U.S. Census Bureau and other sources, by the time he is 17-years-old, the average child will have spent up to about 64,900 hours watching movies, videos and TV programs, playing video games, reading, or listening to music and radio. In comparison, by the time he is 17-years-old, the average child will have spent only 11,000 hours in school, 2,000 hours with their parents, or 800 hours in church if they go to services weekly. Thus, in one year, the average child might spend about 3,818 hours watching movies and television, listening to music or consuming other media, but only about 1,000 hours in school and only about 118 hours in meaningful conversation or time with their parents. Consequently, if we can encourage the entertainment industry to make better positive movies and television programs, we can shape the character development of the next generation. These worldviews and character traits and habits become deeply ingrained and go on to influence how they live.